Understand the process of Adjustment of Status

Adjustment of Status is a process that is available under the immigration laws of the United States for certain people to obtain lawful permanent residence while inside the United States, and without requiring that they leave and apply from their home country.

Normally, people are required to apply for permission to enter the United States from their home country, Adjustment of Status is available for people who are already inside the United States.

Who may qualify?

Who may qualify for Adjustment of Status?

There are three options for those being petitioned by their U.S. citizen relative:

Lawful Entry

You must have entered the United States lawfully, with a visa, or, you must have presented yourself at the border and been inspected and admitted.

Family Petition

You must have had an approvable family petition (I-130), employment petition (I-140), or labor certification filed on your behalf by April 30, 2001

Be beneficiary

Be the beneficiary of an approved VAWA or U-VISA petition.

If you are being petitioned by your Lawful Permanent Resident relative all of the above requirements apply but you must have never lost lawful status. You must have entered legally, and maintained lawful status until the time your application is approved.

Adjustment of Status applicants are able to submit all of their petitions at once, and are eligible to receive a travel permit and a work permit while their applications are pending.


U.S. citizens may petition:


In the case of step-parents the child-stepparent relationship must have been established before the child turned 18.


Including same sex marriages.



Children under 21 years old and children over 21 years old, married and unmarried.

Lawful Permanent Resident´s may petition:


Including same sex marriages.


Children under 21 years old.


Children over 21 years old who are unmarried.


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